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Gyrowinder watch winder / Watch box

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Color polished steel

  • polished steel
  • brass steel


which is the newest high-end “presentation” watch winder . I call it a presentation watch winder because none of this is strictly necessary to wind a watch. Such high-end toys like this do double duty in winding a watch as well as offering a visually stimulating way of presenting it (usually just to yourself). In a sense, it is functional art that sits on your desk or on some shelf. You know those little swinging metal balls on strings that people used to have on their desks? The  which keeps your timepiece wound.


The point of the Gyrowinder is to create movement sufficient to wind the rotor in the automatic watch. This unique system moves it in a 360 degree space, which they claim comes very close to simulating what it is like to actually wear the watch.

The Gyrowinder consists of a base with the gyroscopic winding system as well as a hand-blown crystal glass dome cover. It also comes with a series of counterweights that can be optionally used in order to keep the face of the watch pointed in a particular direction. This will certainly help keep your watch from getting too dizzy.

No doubt serious enthusiasts will joyfully play with the weights to ensure their timepiece is happy. I believe this function is actually intended to make it so that if you are watching the winder in action, the dial of the watch can be set to always face you.

Dottling Gyrowinder Watch Winder Luxury Items

Area of the Gyrowinder also has a series of LED lights that illuminate the watch for you – like spotlights

On the base of the Dottling Gyrowinder are legs which can be adjusted to keep the unit level. Dottling prides itself on all the adjustments and display options available in the Gyrowinder. You might spend more time playing with it than the watch it was meant to house. As a winding device, the Gyrowinder will probably work very well, despite the fact that it is rather overkill given the task.

Dottling Gyrowinder Watch Winder Luxury Items

Gyrowinder is available in at least two models. One in highly polished steel and a black base, and another that mixes brass elements with the steel for a two-tone look.

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Sale price USD $29.99 Regular price USD $59.98